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Suggested Usage Competition

45.7cc air-cooled single-cylinder two-stroke

Max Speed

30 mph


Chain: #25 heavy duty, non o-ring / Spocket Ratio: 6:98

Weight (lb)


Est. Fuel Econ. (mpg) -
Fuel Tank (liters) 1.5
Tires 4.10 x 4 (11” diameter) Carlisle “Badlands” knobby tires
Brakes Front/Rear Brakes: 5.5” hardened SS disc with Maddog mechanical caliper
Suspension Front: 6” travel CIDLI adjustable suspension with anti-dive geometry
Rear: 6” travel CIDLI adjustable suspension
California Air Resource Board Legal N
Color Black
























After years of being meticulously engineered at the Skunk Werks, and raved about as the C.I.D.L.I., Patmont Motor Werks, the innovators of present day motorized scooters and creators of the Go-Ped® Brand, has just announced the release of their new pure off-road scooter, the Go-Ped® Trail Ripper 40.

No longer are paved surfaces important for Go-Ped® use.

This amazing stand-on scooter weighing only 46 pounds puts its 4 HP to the ground through a simple, unique and tunable patent pending suspension system.

Dubbed C.I.D.L.I. for Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indispension, this unique front and rear swing arm system is indispensable to this practical and fun light weight off-road machine.

Previously other off-brand scooters have been introduced with traditional shocks. However, weight, complexity, reliability, short 1-3” travel and rider standing room problems have prevented these types of vehicles from reaching true off-road success.

The Go-Ped® Trail Ripper 40 now breaks this paradigm and follows traditional dirt bike suspension travel specifications of “half the wheel diameter”. The front and rear tires are 4 X 11 inch knobbies , and the C.I.D.L.I. suspension travel approaches an unprecedented 6 inches on each end.


Other very interesting and important benefits have been realized by this simple and efficient design:

Both swing arms are “cantilevered” 4130 Chromoly steel tubing and the wheel rims are Mach 4 Composite rims. This produces very low unsuspended weight, and allows the wheels to stay in better contact with uneven ground. The result is excellent trail riding and handling characteristics. This design also greatly simplifies any maintenance issues.
To accommodate various rider skills, weights, and preferences, the suspension can be tuned from “plush” to “firm” through its elastomer compression adjusters . These adjusters raise and lower its natural damping characteristics as well.
The C.I.D.L.I. suspension system geometry produces very effective “anti-dive” characteristics under braking from its powerful and race proven “Mad Dog” twin stainless steel wave rotor disc brakes.

For power, PMW is introducing a new 4 port, 4 HP, high compression, high RPM 41.5cc 2 stroke engine . This purpose designed engine becomes PMW's top of the line performer of its production gas powered scooter line-up. Power delivery is through a single reduction pocket bike style chain system with 78mm automatic centrifugal clutch . Though the aftermarket selection is already great, the stock sprocket ratio was chosen to deliver the best bottom end for this combination. This produces absolutely the highest fun factor in trail riding for this scooter.

Chain adjustment uses PMW's patent pending adjustable motor mount system found on many of its other very successful and race proven products.

Its Chromoly single tube frame, reinforced aircraft grade 6061-T6 folding handlebar system with Tim Patmont bend bars (like on the TSi) contribute to making the Go-Ped® Trail Ripper 40 a very light weight device. Combined with its truly revolutionary C.I.D.L.I. suspension, it is not only very practical but creates a new way to have a high level of safe off road low cost FUN.

Don't delay…be the first in line to get your hands on the new revolutionary Go-Ped® Trail Ripper 40.



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